Plan Your Career
Start your journey of strategic career planning with our dedicated toolbox designed to empower you at every step of your professional path. This page is your resource for tools and guidance that will not only illuminate your career goals, but also provide the roadmap to turn your aspirations into reality.

Development Planning Tools

Use these resources to build a plan for your career development.
An example of a completed individual development plan form for team members to refer to.
Watch this recording of a workshop to help you ideate and build your development plan. The workshop also covers writing your annual self-assessment.

Skill Development

These resources aim to empower team members in making informed decisions to navigate their career trajectories.
Review our library of role descriptions for all WelbeHealth positions. Identify roles you are targeting, consider how the LEAD Professional skills fit into that role, and work to grow in those areas by taking associated trainings.
LEAD the WelbeWay is how our leaders bring our values to life everyday and support our mission. Familiarize yourself with these defined skillsets, and evaluate how they align with your career goals. Use this alignment to focus your development on specific skills that are crucial for your desired career path.

Trainings Tied to LEAD Skills

Explore our featured trainings, specifically designed to build upon our LEAD Professional Skills. Take a training to strengthen your proficiency and start applying your learning in your day-to-day work. 
Emotionally Intelligent Courses
Ambiguity & Change Navigator Courses
Continuous Coach Courses
Industry Knowledge Courses
Strategic Courses
Caring Heart Courses
Compliance Focused Courses
Driver of Performance and Results Courses