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Team Member Quick Start Guide

Only have 60 minutes? We've crafted a Quick Start Guide specifically for team members, aimed at jumpstarting the path to development when time is limited.
Career Visioning
We all have dreams about our future, and writing them down can help clarify what truly makes us happy and what we should strive for. Use this worksheet to articulate these thoughts and help clarify and prioritize your career goals.
Explore Welbe Roles
& Departments 
Take a look and learn what other departments do at WelbeHealth to identify and envision potential areas and roles you might be interested in pursuing.
Create a Talent Card
A talent card is an internal profile that highlights your skills, expertise, experience, and career aspirations. It serves as a tool that you can leverage by sharing with your supervisor and other Welbe leaders to enhance professional networks and explore career opportunities within Welbe. 

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